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Winners of the 2012 Inspired Visions Global Rendering Competition

Winners of the 2012 global rendering competition by MAXON and Nemetschek Vectorworks


Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc, and MAXON Computer GmbH have announced the winners of their 2nd Annual Inspired Visions Global Rendering Competition.

There were a large number of entries from around the world, with most submissions coming from Germany, the United States, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic. All valid entries were evaluated by a jury and a panel of judges, and a “Fan Favorite” was chosen by the public vote. The winner in each category will receive 2,500.USD.

The Winners Are:

  • CINEMA 4D Winner: “Digital Exhibition” by Oliver Higgins, Architect and Visualizer working at Franklin Ellis Architects in the United Kingdom

Judges Summary: This video was innovative, professional and graphically pleasing. We were impressed with how the creator integrated legacy presentations via a concept-board into the video. The board elements were dynamic, rather than just still images. It was a wonderful way of presenting an urban-planning model.

  • Monochromatic Winner. “Thatch Retreat, Chester, SC” by Pursely Dixon Architecture, from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Judges Summary: This entry was evocative, poetic and inspirational. The designer had excellent control of lighting and depth of field. The house in the distance fit perfectly into the scene, and the level of detail on the materials was remarkable.

  • Renderworks 2012 Winner. “Youth Centre Vienna” by Steve Boswetter from Vienna, Austria.

Judges Summary: This rendering was highly realistic and showcased an excellent control of lighting, color and textures (especially on the white concrete areas). It was a clear and attractive illustration.

  • Fan Favorite Winner. “Bachelor Thesis Work, House of Literature for Herzogenaurach” by Nicolai von Stromberg-Zapfe, architecture student from Nurnberg, Germany

Further Comments

By adding a new category for monochromatic models, we were able to see a completely different type of rendering,” explains Theresa Downs, Communications Director at Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., “It definitely added some variety to the competition.”

01 - Monochromatic Winner, 2012 Global Visions Rendering Competition. "Thatch Retreat, Chester, SC" by Pursley Dixon Architecture.

“I was excited to see designers using both CINEMA 4D and Vectorworks software to showcase their creations,” says Dirk Beichert, Marketing Director at MAXON Computer GmbH. “We congratulate the winners and are excited about our continued marketing and technology partnership with Nemetschek Vectorworks.”

The judges this year included:

  • Dan Jansenson, principal at Daniel Jansenson Architect and author of Remarkable Renderworks, Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • Tyler Littman, principal designer and owner of Sholight LLC, New York, NY, USA
  • Nicholas Dunand, designer and scuptor, Melbourne, Australia
  • Erik Recke, freelance visualizer at Datenland, Hamburg, Germany
  • Alejandro Nogueira, CEO at DECC Arte 3D, Tecamachalco, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico
  • Rene Racz, Lightmaschine Multimedia GmbH, Basel, Switzerland
  • Shinya Fujimura, 3D-KOBO, Osaka, Japan

T0 see the winning entries go here.

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