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Tamsin Slatter previews taste of Vectorworks 2013

Tamsin Slatter gives a taste of upcoming Vectorworks 2013 software


Over at Planet Vectorworks, the official company blog by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., UK-based trainer and expert Tamsin Slatter offers a taste of the upcoming Vectorworks 2013. Readers of Architosh may have already taken notice of the new Vectorworks 2013 banner ads the company is running on our publication.

Tamsin Slatter doesn’t give a big taste of the upcoming Vectorworks 2013 but offers a slice of one feature improvement that all users will enjoy: faster 2D and 3D navigation. We find the comment about 2D speed up inspiring as very few CAD companies tend to focus on the performance of 2D navigation speed any longer…everything is always about 3D performance. The fact is, 2D is very important still and especially with a graphically rich CAD/BIM environment like Vectorworks.

Of course, Slatter also notes improvements with OpenGL performance offering users faster 3D navigation as well. For those who are catching glimpses of the new Vectorworks 2013 through the banner ads on Architosh (refresh a window if you are seeing other company ads) y0u can manually jump on over to the landing page for the upcoming event where the Maryland-based CAD company will be revealing the upcoming release.  As for the new EVOLVE with the backward E? New “sub-brand” perhaps? Well, actually we don’t know. The company has not said anything to us about that yet.

And by the way, on the new landing page for the Evolve with Vectorworks 2013 release event, there are a series of webinars for 18 September 2012 to sign up for.

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