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Nemetschek AG and CARB Technology sign strategic partnership

Nemetschek AG forms partnership with CABR (China Academy of Building Research) in China AEC market


Earlier this month the Munich-based Nemetschek AG–the parent company of both Graphisoft, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Scia and Maxon Computer, among others, signed an important strategic agreement with CABR Technology Co. Ltd, a leading enterprise in the China AEC industry.

Mr. Jiefeng Xu, President of CABR Technology Co. Ltd, and Ms. Tanja Tamara Dreilich, CFO of Nemetschek AG, signed the memorandum setting out the terms of the three-year strategic partnership. The two will work closely with the objective to promote and implement BIM in the China AEC industry. These goals include:

  • Establish BIM data format and data format which is suitable for the Chinese market
  • Nemetschek AG to participate in CABR-led research projects of the Chinese BIM standard
  • Development of software interfaces between the two companies and the start of other possible technical and commercial cooperation in the field
  • BIM implementation with collaborative work with sustainable design

Architosh Analysis

We know that Graphisoft in particular has signed several China-related strategic partnerships over the past few years regarding BIM within the AEC industry in Asia. This Nemetschek AG (Nemetschek Group) partnership goes beyond just ArchiCAD in China, it also involves Vectorworks Architect, Scia, ALLPLAN and other “group technologies” for the AEC industry. While unspecific in detail, the partnership should sprout numerous growth directions for BIM participants, including the companies of the Nemetschek AG group. CABR stands for China Academy of Building Research and has accumulated more than 1,000 scientific research standards and has won hundreds of awards. It is also the maker of PKPM CAD, which is a collection of buildings, structures, equipment design and more and has tens of thousands of users all in one integrated CAD system. It’s market coverage in China is more than 95 percent. You can learn more here:

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