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Maxon releases CINEMA 4D R14: Now Available

Maxon’s CINEMA 4D R14 now available


Maxon’s recently announced CINEMA 4D Release 14, the next generation of its industry-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering software application, is now available.

The new CINEMA 4D R14 features a new, fully integrated sculpting system, new camera matching functionality (useful to AEC professionals as well), the debut of exchange plugins for Foundry’s NUKE and Adobe Photoshop Extended and improved integration with After Effects. It should also be noted that Maxon’s BodyPaint 3D has also received major upgrades, including an all new sculpting toolset.

01 - The new CINEMA 4D R14 by Maxon. Introduces numerous key new tools including new digital sculpting, camera matching system, dynamic 3D guides and new modeling, rendering and animation tools.

Here are some highlights worth noting by category.

  • Digital Sculpting — New dynamic sculpting tools offer artists in C4D R14 all new capabilities
  • Improved Modeling — There is an entirely new redesigned 3D snapping system and new interactive workplace modes and dynamic guides, making C4D R14 an even more powerful modeling tool
  • Camera Enhancements — The new integrated camera matching system will help stream line artists workflows keeping them within C4D for their work. Even further, these tools are incredibly useful for architects and visualization pros doing environments and buildings in C4D R14
  • Rending — there are new improved shaders for  simulating wood grain and weathering effects and normal mapping, plug improvements to GI, a unified sampler for the Physical Renderer and new Radiosity Maps

Those are the highlights. In total there are over 200 new features and improvements. Maxon’s CINEMA 4D R14 is the best release of this industry standard 3D package and it runs on Mac and Windows natively. To learn more visit them here:

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