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IMSI’s TurboReview adds to list of superb iPad CAD viewing options

IMSI’s TurboReview offers unique mobile 2D/3D CAD features for iOS


IMSI, as we have noted previously here on Architosh, already had a very good and fast (and that is important!) mobile iOS CAD product line in TurboViewer and TurboViewer Pro. But the company has added a third product in TurboReview (currently only available for Apple iOS while the others are also available secondarily for Google Android).

What Makes TurboReview Different

What sets TurboReview apart from its siblings is that the product does the all important but difficult to master on mobile devices: markup. And it does it on both 2D and 3D CAD data.

TurboReview can perform redline markups in 2D/3D and supports annotation and measurements. The company is also touting some additional firsts including being the first mobile CAD app to be capable of viewing 3D PDF/U3D format and the reviewing and markup of 3D Adobe PDF.

01 - IMSI Design's TurboReview offers markup for 2D/3D CAD data, including unique features in the market.

Other unique features include “always facing text” so your annotations always stay facing you despite your 3D rotation of 3D CAD data. Also, arrow leaders snap to 3D objects, so as you rotate your model, the arrowhead will lock onto the object during the 3D orbit and maintain the annotative object as intended. A list of key features include:

  • Redmark tools –  line, circle, rectangle, revision cloud, highlighter, and text boxes
  • Inquiry tools – distance/dimension, angle, perimeter and area
  • Fast native 2D/3D PDF – support for super fast viewing of Adobe 3D PDF (U3D), DWG, DXF and DWF formats
  • Drawing file management – create subfolders, create screen shots, email markups, etc
  • Cloud Support – there is support for 20+ CAD file formats
  • Custom Perspective mode – custom camera lenses provide numerous viewing variety

TurboReview supports all the same features as TurboViewer Pro in addition to its own features above. The product sells for 49.99.USD and is available through the App Store. To learn more visit IMSI Design online here.

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