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Event: Introduction to bonzai 3D by AutoDesSys

bonzai 3D Intro Webinar available with Q&A Session after…


The formZ folks will be hosting a free webinar event tomorrow, 27 September 2012, on their entry-level and SketchUp competitor, bonzai 3D. The introductory webinar is live and will show you how bonzai 3D works to help designers accelerate their design process with its intuitive interface, flexible modeling tools, and extensive visualization capabilities.

AutoDesSys’ own Matthew Holewinski will lead the demo, giving you insight into why bonzai 3d is fast becoming the 3D modeler of choice for many professionals and students. There will also be an Q&A session at the end of the live webinar.

bonzai 3D experience:

  • the intuitive capabilities of bonzai 3D: an overview
  • see the advanced but intuitive user interface
  • learn advantages of solids modeling (as opposed to surface modeling)
  • learn about NURBS in bonzai 3D
  • bonzai pipeline integration
  • learn about bonzai 3D components
  • learn about RenderZone and other rendering options

The event takes place 27 Sep 2012 and is at 1:00 – 2:00pm EDT. To register go here.

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