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Report says Autodesk Inventor Fusion Mac gains extras under Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion adds features to Autodesk Inventor Fusion Mac Technology Preview


A report on the Web which has not been verified is stating that Autodesk Inventor Fusion Mac Technology Preview–which is a free piece of software at the moment–is available in the Apple Mac App store. Additionally, the report states that under Mountain Lion the 3D application gains key features such as:

  • Full-screen display mode for Mountain Lion
  • Mountain Lion’s AirPlay Mirroring so you can mirror the display on a TV or other AirPlay device
  • Share Sheet support
  • Mountain Lion Notification Center support and integration with Autodesk 360 Cloud Services

Autodesk’s Inventor Fusion Facebook page announced the release on the App store on 25 July 2012, a week ago. You can read the report here.

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