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Maxon announces CINEMA 4D R14 ahead of SIGGRAPH

Maxon releases new CINEMA 4D Release 14 with breakthrough new features


Maxon Computer of Germany, today announced a brand new CINEMA 4D Release 14, ahead of the upcoming computer graphics show SIGGRAPH next week. The latest CINEMA 4D R14 offers new digital sculpting tools, new camera match technology and many other leading edge improvements.

“CINEMA 4D R14 is a milestone release that harnesses Maxon’s decades of leadership and programming experience to deliver the absolute best-in-breed 3D technology with the unified workflow capabilities our customers need to realize their creative visions, quickly and efficiently,” says Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO of Maxon Computer.

01 - The new CINEMA 4D R14 by Maxon. Introduces numerous key new tools including new digital sculpting, camera matching system, dynamic 3D guides and new modeling, rendering and animation tools.

R14 New Features Summary

CINEMA 4D R14 has excellent new features that advance modeling, rendering, product integration and workflow improvements. Here are some key highlights:

  • Digital Sculpting –  Completely new dynamic sculpting tools give artists complete control to create finely detailed models with tools like Pull, Wax, Smooth, Flatten, Inflate, Knife and Pinch. A powerful layer system allows maximum flexibility in the creation process while the Bake option recalculates the millions of sculpted polygons into displacement and normal maps that can be applied to low-poly count based meshes
  • Improved Modeling – The new modeling improvements include an all new interactive work planes mode, plus dynamic snapping guides and more. These new modeling tools will be a boon for technical professionals who wish to model more of their final designs in CINEMA 4D itself rather than a CAD program
  • Camera Enhancements – The new Camera Calibrator in R14 offers an integrated solution for matching a 3D camera image to a 3D environment, an ideal solution for architects and designers to present their creations. Users can integrate 3D objects into the photographed environment for visualization or use in C4D camera mapping workflow to create digital matte paintings and set extensions
  • Bester Rendering – there are many enhancements to rendering, including new and improved shaders, GI (global illumination) enhancements, Radiosity Maps and the unified sampler from the Physical Renderer. There is also the new render effects and the new Position Pass for post work downstream
  • Integration – R14 includes direct exchange with new plugins for working with The Foundry’s NUKE compositing application and Adobe Photoshop Extended. And there is enhanced integration with After Effects.

The new CINEMA 4D R14 offers numerous other enhancements across its entire product line up of: CINEMA 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio versions. In regards to animation, there is a new Camera Morph option; it lets you animate between cameras, involving position, orientation and physical camera settings.

02 - A new wood shader is apart of the improved shader offerings in this release. (image courtesy of Maxon Computer)

The interface has been improved with new enhancements, better and more responsive OpenGL shadows and new object highlighting and outlining. In total there are over 200 new features and improvements. To learn more about what Maxon’s CINEMA 4D R14 has to offer visit them online here:

Architosh Analysis

The new camera match technology and new modeling guide tools and workplanes offer technical users like architects a much improved direct modeling environment. In combination with the 3D guides and new snapping technology we can easily see R14 Visualize customers doing more modeling directly within this tool, rather than in a 3D modeling and CAD program. We also feel the new camera matching technology is another big win for many customer, especially architects.

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