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solidThinking announces solidThinking Evolve 9.0

The new solidThinking Evolve 9.0 offers powerful new features within a simplified new user interface


solidThinking, Inc., this week announced the release of solidThinking Evolve 9.0, its latest version of its concept-design and 3D modeling software. solidThinking Evolve 9.0 features a simplified user interface and workflow, improved modeling features and interaction, interactive photorealistic rendering and additional format and language support.

Evolve 9.0 follows up on solidThinking 8.5 and it offers a comprehensive hybrid modeling system that allows designers to rapidly create organic surface or solids models while enabling the flexibility of parametric CAD modeling. This gives designers more freedom to create beautiful, manufacturable products.

Parametric and Direct-Modeling

“We’re giving designers the best of both worlds in one package with fewer limitations,” said Darren Chilton, program manager for solidThinking Evolve. “With its new capabilities and updated features, solidThinking Evolve 9.0 lets users focus on their design work and bringing concepts to life, rather than being distracted by the tools and technology they are using.”

01 - solidThinking Evolve 9.0 has many new modeling features.

Highlights of the new features are:

  • Improved UI – the new user interface allows for better visualization and communication, improved model shading and visualization options, including more flexible object naming, flags indicating features that may need repair and a “smart delete” feature for hiding and un-hiding source objects when deleting items
  • Better Surface continuity and control for several tools, and a simplified workflow that allows multiple modeling operations to be completed in a single function.
  • Interactive rendering including functions that improve the ability to control multiple textures and materials on each surface. Updated texture mapping allows for interactive placement, and a new KeyShot plugin to save native .bip files and launch them directly in KeyShot.
  • Spanish and Portuguese language support

“We have been testing solidThinking Evolve 9.0 for a few months in our client projects and this new update enhances the software with very good improvements in workflow, visualization quality and speed, yet it feels very familiar,” said Ari Salonen, CEO of Fokusdesign. “It has proven to be very stable and to handle larger files better. For us the ultimate proof is the ‘wow’ reaction we get from our clients. We highly recommend it!”
Visit the solidThinking Evolve 9.0 Web page for a full list of updates and features, videos and testimonials highlighting the product’s enhanced capabilities, and links to obtain information on pricing and trials.

solidThinking, Inc. develops and markets innovative software tools that are revolutionizing the creative process for the design, engineering and scientific communities. Concepts for new solidThinking products and enhancements are conjured from a lively partnership with the ThinkLabs Design Studio ( and parent company Altair Engineering, Inc. (

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