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iRhino 3D version 1.3 now available from McNeel

McNeel updates iRhino 3D to version 1.3…adds Apple Retina display support


Robert McNeel and Associates, has announced the release of iRhino 3D version 1.3 for iOS. This latest version addresses several bug fixes and includes new features and support for Apple’s Retina display on the latest iPad.

iRhino 1.3 now has layer visibility control, background color control and larger thumbnail previews. Several small bug fixes have been addressed as well. With iRhino 3D v1.3 the user can view Rhino 3DM files directly on their iPad devices.

The user can pan, zoom, rotate or tap with a finger to navigate around their 3D models. You can save views as still images for markup later.

01 - iRhino 3D is an advanced 3D visualization tool for Apple iOS devices like the iPad. With it you can view any Rhino 3DM file on your iOS device, bringing true mobility of visualized work to the field.

To learn more about iRhino visit this page.

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