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AC3D 7 is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Inivis’ lastest modeler AC3D is at version 7.0.11 and includes Collada fixes and a new plugin called Polymaker


Inivis has announced recently that the latest version 7 of AC3D, the well-regarded, long-established and easy to use 3D modeler is now out and available for download. The current version is actually 7.0.11 and this quick update includes a new ported tool called Polymaker, by Dr. Zvi Har’El.

What’s New in AC3D 7

Version 7, which is available for not only Mac and Windows but also Linux, includes a new basic LSCM mapping button on the Texture Coordinate Editor. This allows a collection of surfaces to be “unwrapped” and basically it is a UV editor for texture mapping. Simply select two or more surfaces and press the unwrap button. Now you can position textures differently and in different areas of the model.

In version 7 there is a black stealth bomber model included. The Invis website doesn’t do a very good job of making clear what features are new to version 7. In version 7.0.11, they have added the Polymaker tool. Using algorithms by Dr. Zvi Har’El, this powerful plugin can create a huge variety of polyhedral AC3D objects. The image below is just a small sample of what is possible.

01 - Polymaker is a new algorithm-based plugin model shaper included in AC3D version 7.0.11.

Another interesting addition is the inclusion of the Alien Resurrection Betty Spaceship produced by Thor Danielson. This is made available to users as well and comes with a number of excellent textures. Version 7.0.11 also fixes the Mac Collada exporter and some additional fixes. If you have the point zero release of version 7 it is recommended you uninstall it and reinstall version 7.0.11.

To learn more visit here.

02 - The Betty Spaceship from Alien Resurrection, by Thor Danielson. It's a free include in version 7.0.11.

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