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Event: What’s new in formZ 7 parts 1 & 2

AutoDesSys, Inc., has two upcoming webinar events on the new formZ 7


AutoDesSys, Inc., will be hosting a two-part webinar series on what is new in formZ 7. As many of you may know already formZ 7 is currently in a public beta, which means one can download and test it out for free. You can learn more here.

Event Details

In formZ 7 Part 1, which takes place tomorrow, there will be an overview of the new modeling features of formZ 7 with an emphasis on what is new about its user interface, the new intelligent smart guides, the effortless reshaping tools allowing you to truly sculpt you designs, the new advanced NURBS tools which allow for easier but more complex shapes, powerful new fabrication tools and free-form tools with integrated numeric “parametric” capabilities.

Part 1 happens tomorrow, 20 June 2012 at 1-2pm. EDT. To register for this free webinar go here.

In formZ 7 Part 2, which takes place 28 June 2012, the emphasis will be on the new visualization, rendering, fabrication and presentation tools in the latest formZ. There are new live, dynamic manipulation of materials directly on your objects, new drag and drop lighting, an updated sun position palette for quicker dynamic global sun positioning, new easier GI (global illumination) scene lighting settings, use of components in visualization and numerous other features.

Part 2 happens 28 June 2012, 1-2pm EDT. To register for this free webinar go here.

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