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AIA: Bluebeam Vu for iOS iPad

At AIA National Bluebeam Vu for iPad was on display in the Bluebeam booth.


At AIA we had a chance to talk to the Bluebeam Software folks and they were showing Bluebeam Vu on the Apple iPad in addition to promoting their updated flagship application Bluebeam Revu 10.

We are not going to talk about Bluebeam Revu 10 here on Architosh at this moment because…well, let us remind ourselves that Architosh’s focus is on serving professionals and students on Apple’s innovative Mac and iOS platforms. But here is the good news. Bluebeam is on the iOS platform with its Bluebeam Vu iOS app for iPad.

01 - Bluebeam Vu for iPad. This new iOS app is just the beginning for mobility on iOS.

Bluebeam Vu for iPad is a free PDF viewer application that has been designed to work swiftly using the company’s very solid PDF engine technology and its excellent markup capability. This version of Vu for iPad is simply a “viewer” application and while there are many PDF viewers on the market, including GoodReader, IMSI TurboViewer and others, some users–especially those using other Bluebeam tools–may prefer this app for their iPad over others.

Bluebeam Vu has a very nice interface! One of the better interfaces we have seen on the iPad for apps like this. With Bluebeam Vu you can access your PDF files from the cloud using common methods like DropBox, and others. Or you can sync files directly using iTunes file transfer or access them via email.

Another nice feature in Bluebeam Vu for iPad is that it supports the intelligent Markup List technology. With this you can click on a markup in the drawing and it will highlight that data in the Markup List. From there you can gain insight into the markup’s author, date, time and comments associated with it. Or you can work backwards and start with the intelligent list and it will highlight the markup in the drawing and automatically navigate to that section of the drawing.

We asked about actual markup capabilities and Mac support for its popular Revu product line and the company expressed that both are very popular inquiries. Karen Tantzen of Bluebeam Software, Inc., told us that the company will have more Apple-centric announcements later this year. Of the record, we gained a bit more insight and we look forward to this company providing more robust solutions across all of Apple’s popular and growing platforms.

To learn about Bluebeam Software, its Revu 10 suite and its Vu app for iPad visit them here at:

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