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Solidoodle 3D Printer – Mac compatible 3D printer

This is the market’s first sub-$500 3D solid printer for the home market that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux


3D printers have been around for several years now but their costs was typically in the five-digit range and the limitations on software compatibility–not to mention OS platform limitations–put another barrier in front of many users. However, over the past few years prices have fallen steadily and the 3D solids printer industry has settled around the STL file format simplifying software compatibility.

Meet Solidoodle

Now a company out of Brooklyn, New York, Solidoodle LLC, has put together a professional 3D solids printer that retails just under 500.USD. The Solidoodle 3D printer produces 6x6x6 parts (in inches) and is the brainchild of Samuel Cervantes, former COO at MakerBot, a leading low-end 3D printer company.

01 - The Solidoodle 3D printer produces 6x6x6 (in.) parts and runs on Mac, as well as Windows and Linux.

The printer produces solid plastic parts by melting the plastic and building up 3D parts one strand of plastic at a time. The printer works with 3D files in STL format, which is the leading 3D file format supported by solid 3D printers and numerous 3D CAD software.

Solidoodle runs on an open-source software that be installed on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer, opening up barriers of entry for the home and professional market.

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