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NAB: Newtek introduced Voronoi shattering objects

Newtek showed Voronoi shattering at NAB show


An interesting report on the NAB 2012 show discusses two items about Lightwave and CINEMA 4D. Newtek’s LightWave 3D has enjoyed, recently, a full version update and at the show apparently they were showing its ability to do Voronoi shattering of objects in combination with the Bullet physics engine. According to a report, the NewTek way of doing this makes all the shattered parts remain part of the original mesh. Other 3D tools make the shattered parts their own meshes.

01 - NewTek's Lightwave 3D at NAB 2012 showing Voronoi shattering.

Maxon of course also now includes the Bullet physics engine. The company showed CINEMA 4D at NAB and has a new way of outputting data wherein the three RGB components of every pixel are used to represent that pixel’s coordinates in 3D space. Maxon calls this a “world position pass.”

You can learn more about CINEMA 4D’s latest features here.

Physics in 3D

To check out a really cool physics bullet plugin 3D video check out this YouTube video here:

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