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Firm Profile: Candusso Arquitetos – Architecture Visualized on the Mac

In this latest installment of our Firm Profile series, we turn our attention to the work of architecture firm Candusso Arquitetos, who specialize in several large building types, including residential towers and hotels. The firm is entirely Mac-based and uses a highly developed arsenal of software applications to skillfully compete for its highly prized commissions.

We were excited to discover Candusso. Candusso Arquitetos is not only a very successful South American architecture firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but quite a large one and also a practice that is quite sophisticated in the use of information technologies and their application to the design process. None of this is too surprising. Sao Paulo is the sixth largest city by population in the world and is the third largest city in the world by number of high-rise buildings.


Renato Candusso is a partner in Candusso Arquitetos. We learned that his rather good sized architecture practice was centered around a strong belief in 3D visualization as a key component of their design and business processes and we invited him to talk to us about his firm, their creative process, and how he uses key tools like Maxon’s CINEMA 4D as part of their workflow to achieve their consistently outstanding design.

The Interview

Anthony Frausto-Robledo (AFR): Renalto, tell me a little about your firm. How long has your architecture firm been in business, what is its background?

Renato Candusso (RC): Sure. We have been in business since 1976. Candusso Arquitetos has always stood out by the characteristics of our designs, which besides being bold and noticeable, seek to balance aesthetic appeal and functionality. Moreover, the constant concern we have to provide the best service to our clients, managing deadlines with organization and efficiency, the investments we make in new technologies, and the attention we apply to the development of construction processes, has all turned the office of Candusso Arquitetos into a reference between the professions and companies that make up the building industry in our country.

01 - The Brazilian architecture firm Candusso Arquitetos is an 80-person strong firm located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The firm is one of the largest in South America and one of the larger Mac-based architecture firms we have profiled here on Architosh.

AFR: And who makes up the leadership of Candusso?

RC: The partners are myself (Renato Candusso) and my father Roberto Candusso. We now lead a team of over 80 highly qualified professionals who are divided into eight teams: concept, legal documentation, execution, computer modeling, popular housing, special projects, partnerships, and administration. Together we have developed over 1500 successful projects in various segments of the architecture industry.

AFR: Speaking of segments, what types of building types does your firm specialize in designing?

RC: We work on single-family homes, condominiums, residential buildings and towers, commercial buildings, retail, hotels and housing developments. The office always meets the market demands and therefore we can fit into all segments.

02 - A condominium project (set of towers) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Such projects are entirely visualized using 3D renderings along the entire design process. Candusso Arquitetos continues to seek markets outside Brazil and South America as its services become more capable.

AFR: Your firm is noted for its excellent use of advanced 3D visualization. Can you tell us about how 3D models and renderings are utilized within your practice?

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