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Cheetah 3D 6.0 is out-now with Bullet physics engine

Cheetah 3D grows to version 6


The Mac OS X-only 3D software package Cheetah 3D is now at version 6.0 and includes the Bullet physics engine. This week Cheetah’s developer announced the latest version listing many new features in addition to the physics engine.

What’s New in Cheetah 3D 6

This new Cheetah also has support for Isosurfaces (Metaballs), the keying of mesh vertices and spline control points, improved iBooks Author compatibility, an upgrade to FBX SDK, support for 16-bit textures and many more improvements.

01 - Cheetah 3D version 6 features Bullet physics engine.

To make Cheetah 3D available to an even wider audience the price of Cheetah 3D has been cut from 149.USD to 99.USD. An upgrade from an older version cost 69.USD. For customers who bought Cheetah 3D 5.x after 12 December 2010, the upgrade to Cheetah 3D 6 is free.

There are other new features worth listing here:

  • New Parametric object types — capsule, fractal, isosurface, line
  • New Mesh modifiers — smooth, shell, crumble
  • Global Scene Search Field
  • Greatly extended Javascript API
  • OS X Lion full-screen app mode

To learn more visit Cheetah 3D here:

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