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AR-works: New Augmented Reality plugin for Vectorworks

New AR-works is the latest plugin for Vectorworks. Brings Augmented Reality to BIM product


UR-AR Limited, of the United Kingdom, has a new “augmented reality” technology plugin for Vectorworks Architect BIM software. The AR-works plugin developed for Vectorworks Architect allows architects and designers to export their 3D models from Vectorworks and create a fully interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience for their clients and team. This makes it possible to experience  their designs in a way never before possible.


The AR-works technology consists of a plugin for Vectorworks, an AR-works Viewer application and a physical Marker–a printed graphic used to trigger the experience. The only requirement to view the model is a computer with a webcam. If you do not have a webcam the model can still be viewed in “on screen” mode.

The client or architect can experience the model in the Viewer by turning and rotating the Marker in their hand, as if the virtualized building was sitting in their hand.

01 - AR-works is a new "augmented reality" (AR) plugin for Vectorworks Architect.

Viewing the 3D model in AR-works has several options for interaction. You can interact with it by holding the model in your hand and moving it around. You can read the building’s form by removing components like floors and walls or you can slice through the model across various axis to look inside the model.

AR-works is being offered at a special introductory price of 299.99.USD. It will normally go for 649.99.USD.

To learn more visit them online here.

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