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ZBrush 4 Release 3 for Mac and Windows

Pixologic’s ZBrush 4 Release 3 has several new big features including NoiseMaker plugin and FiberMesh capabilities


ZBrush 4 R3 is a major update the popular 3D painting program used in many professional studio pipelines worldwide.

Some of the new features include items such as Vector Displacement Maps, FiberMesh, the NoiseMaker plugin support, and MicroMesh capabilities. Let’s look at some of these new areas of improvement in detail.

Vector Displacement Maps.  You can now benefit from the ability to displace the surface in any direction, including undercuts. And you can export sculpted details from your model to other third-party applications and make use of various file types such as .tiff. and .exr (32-bit). ZBrush 4 R3 comes fully equipped to handle both 16 and 32 bit displacement map output.

01 - The new ZBrush 4 R3 has a new NoiseMaker plugin which can help you create a wide range of 3D noise using parametric generators.

FiberMesh. Now you can apply textures to fibers. You can manipulate and customize fibers to achieve amazing affects. There are now Fiber Presets which will guide you to build a personal library of custom presets as well as allow you to enjoy the creative freedom of a vast library of custom resources built by you. And there are new capabilities with exporting in relationship with fibers, utilizing numerous industry standard file types.

NoiseMaker. This plugin will allow you to create 3D noise with a wide variety of parametric generators. You can take the surface detail of your models further with camouflage, scales and hex tiles and more.

Micromesh. Lastly, this feature enables you to take your FiberMesh and MicroMesh details and render them with the BPR rendering system. This converts your BPR rendering information generated with FiberMesh and MicroMesh to real geometry.

ZBrush 4 Release 3 is available now for both Mac and Windows platforms. To learn more about ZBrush go to Pixologic’s website here:

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