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Verto Studio 3D now for OS X

Excellent iPad 3D program comes to the Mac


Independent software developer Michael L. Farrell, this week announced the release of Verto Studio 3D 1.0 for Mac OS X. This full-featured, 3D modeling application was originally created for the iPad but has now come over to OS X. This is yet another case of the “halo effect” at work with Apple’s platform ecosystems.

Verto Studio 3D 1.0

On the official Verto Studio 3D website the developer states clearly that Verto Studio 3D is a fully-functional 3D modeling program designed to rival over-complicated studio modeling software. The goal is to “push the boundaries of what is capable on the Mac while retaining as simplistic of an interface as possible.”

01 - Verto Studio 3D. Popular iOS modeling app comes to Mac OS X.

The program has robust support of model file formats, including the import of OBJ, 3ds, Blender 3D, AutoCAD DXF and 33 other file formats. This allows users to download thousands of available wire mesh models out on the Internet or produced in other programs.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time Gouraud shading
  • Dynamic lighting and self illumination
  • OBJ file import/export
  • DropBox file exchange in addition to email
  • Mesh Generation and Mesh Augmentation
  • Vertex Editing
  • Multiple Camera Views
  • Multiple Document Interface (open as many files as you need at same time)
  • Drag and drop texturing

Verto Studio 3D can employ hardware-powered full scene anti-aliasing. Despite it’s power the UI features just 11 simple buttons in the upper tab bar of the modeling window. Apple was so impressed with Verto for the iPad that they featured it in one of its TV commercials.

02 - Verto Studio 3D for Mac has capable vertex editing features and drag and drop texturing.

Verto Studio 3D for Mac can be found on the Mac App Store and is 49.99.USD. The product requires Mac OS X (10.6 or later) and only requres 4.9 MB of space. To learn more visit:

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