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MoI 3D 2.5 Beta for Mac now released

Young MCAD-oriented 3D modeling application now out in beta for Mac


Moi 3D is a simple 3D modeling application aimed at designers and artists. It features a SketchUp-like user -interface (UI) and in general fits into the same “ease-of-use” philosophy of SketchUp as well.

Moi (or written MoI) stands for “moment of inspiration” and its developer says its perfect for anyone who has been frustrated with the complexity of existing CAD tools. Its toolset features advanced Boolean functions and enables rapid creation of mechanical or man-made objects.

MoI sports a unique polygon mesh export that generates exceptionally clean and crisp N-Gon polygon meshes from CAD-based NURBs models. Its developer is a guy named named Michael Gibson who, according to this interview over at Novedge, also developed the initial Rhino at RMA.

01 - MoI 3D 2.5 is now Beta for Mac. The relatively young 3D modeler is aimed at being the new SketchUp for mechanical CAD.

What Makes MoI Special

MoI 3D is like SketchUp for MCAD users, according to others. It features a novel interface, simplicity to tasks, and it can be controlled with a pen tablet. It also uses the same Rhino file format and is built on the Solids++ geometry kernel by Gary Crocker at IntegrityWare.

What’s possible with MoI is pretty impressive, judging from the gallery on its website. The good news here in this post is that MoI 3D 2.5 is now in beta for Mac users. This makes the second interesting MCAD-news related addition to the Mac space in as many months. (recently Autodesk announced Inventor Fusion for Mac).

For those on the Mac who want to try out MoI beta for Mac now go here to download it. For those who just want to learn more about it visit: MoI for Windows currently sells for 295.USD.

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