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Graphisoft releases “white paper” on BIM Transition

Graphisoft releases BIM White-Paper


Graphisoft, the global leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, is aiming to demystify the critical areas of the BIM process in order to help architects in their selection of BIM software tools.

Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 15 won Construction Computing Magazine’s BIM Product of the Year in 2011 and now the company has released a white paper titled, “Get There Faster with ArchiCAD.” The white paper examines five critical areas to explore before making final BIM software selection. The sole purpose of the white paper is to provide accurate, reliable information about critical issues related to BIM and how ArchiCAD technology addresses these issues.

The key issue areas are:

  • Improve profitability
  • Enable agile and competitive workflow
  • Provide real-time collaboration
  • Easy-to-learn and simplfied 3D workflow
  • Optimizes use of computer hardware power
  • Keeps IT costs low
  • Is a secure and proven BIM product

The white paper shares expertise from six design leaders. The company says, “we want to teach and educate in an effort to help architects make informed technology decisions.”

You can download the BIM white-paper here.

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