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Feature Interview: Architosh talks to DAZ 3D

She’s beautiful, isn’t she? She’s Genesis. Based on years of software research and development, Victoria 5 and the Genesis platform offers 3D artists unlimited creative possibilities. And this month DAZ 3D is giving away its crown jewel 3D character illustration and animation software for free. This feature interview explains why. (Illustration by Yanek, courtesy of DAZ 3D)

Earlier this month I had a chance to talk to Dan Farr, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at DAZ 3D. He spoke to us about his company’s announcement to give away tons of free 3D software for one month. (see image 01) And he also spoke to us about why that strategy could lead to big things and how the company views its offerings and advantages.


DAZ 3D, for those who are not familiar, is the company behind the famous Victoria 3D software character. DAZ Studio Pro 4 is its flagship product for working with this character platform. It is a 3D figure illustration/animation application and is now known as Genesis in its latest technology advancement. The company has acquired other software tools from others along the way to support its core focus.

Most notable among these is Bryce, currently at version 7, which is a long-time leader in 3D computer-generated landscape creation. The other notable products in the hands of DAZ are Hexagon and Carrara, the latter being well known to those with experience in the 3D world.

Genesis is largely the reason why DAZ Studio rocks. The new character platform is endlessly innovative, allowing 3D artists of all types to explore body and figure shapes across a female-male spectrum (yes, you can actually create a human basically in between) and even create creatures. (see figures 02-03)

Dan Farr spoke to us about his company, its current plans and products, and his thoughts about mobile apps.

01 - DAZ 3D's amazing give-away includes DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Bryce 7 and Hexagon 2.5.

The Interview

AFR: (Anthony Frausto-Robledo) Why are you doing this now…giving away so much excellent software?

DF: (Dan Farr) Since the beginning of our business we have a history of sometimes going against convention. And when we have stepped outside the box–despite how scary it can sometimes be–it has always come back really positive for us.

AFR: What are you really hoping will happen by doing this?

DF: We are hoping to expand our Genesis platform, by tapping the growing market interest in 3D. We want to bring tools down to a lower more accessible point. There is such interest in people to learn 3D. But the challenge has always been the price tag. Sure, a possible solution to that problem is to go with something like Blender. But then another roadblock emerges–ease of use.

02 - DAZ Studio Pro 4. With Genesis technology you can create creatures or humans. (image courtesy of DAZ)

03 - Human creation is completely flexible, enabling slider-level control of female and male body shapes. (image courtesy of DAZ)

AFR: That is the classic problem to 3D adoption you speak of. People want to do amazing stuff, but both the complexity and the price of the tools makes it hard for new adopters. How will you reach this emergent audience for 3D…who are these people?

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