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Shade 12.1 gets updated-stereoscopic additions

Shade 12.1 adds new features like PoserFusion and more


A little known 3D program for the Mac and Windows called Shade has moved up to version 12.1, just prior to the US holidays. Shade, which was first shipped in Japan in 1986, now has more than 200,000 users worldwide. While it is popular in its native Japan the program has fans in the US and Europe too.

Shade 12 and 12.1 have excellent new features. A new Shade 12 Workflow UX (user-interface) is based around task-based tool groups which allow the user to configure tool parameters within a single window. Users can also customize these tool groups as well. The professional version allows advanced material handling, including animated normal maps to create powerful environmental effects such as oceans.

01 - All new Boolean engine in Shade 12.x

Version 12.1 includes photometric modeling. You can turn your digital camera into a 3D modeling aid. There is also volumetric lighting, a totally revised boolean modeling engine and Sketch modeling.

02 - Shade 12.x supports Volumentric lights.

Version 12.1 provides improved stereoscopic rendering for 3D playback on monitors, television sets and devices. Support has also been added for Sony Head Mounted 3D display and Sharp 3D smart phones. New FBX support adds pipeline flexibility. Plus there is new PoserFusion support.

Shade 12.1 Professional retails at 749.USD, Standard at 349.USD and Basic at 99.USD. Shade can be obtained at Mirye Software online.

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