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iPocket Draw updated to 1.90

iPocketDraw updated to version 1.90…now reads DXF files


Longtime Mac CAD developer Eric Pousse, the creator of RealCADD, has released his latest version of iPocketDraw 1.90. iPocketDraw is a full 2D CAD app for iPhone and iPad. With this latest release iPocketDraw can read DXF files and edit them of course.

On the official website it says that DXF file are presently limited to 20MB. Anything larger will not open. Also, some complex objects like splines are also not read.


iPocketDraw 1.90 is a vector drawing program with comprehensive 2D CAD tools and commands. The tool can send out files via email in Eric Pousse’s RealCADD file format for those who utilize that CAD platform, as well as PDF, DXF and JPEG formats.

01 - iPocketDraw 1.90 reads DXF files and export them too, plus RealCADD support.

Drawing tools include all the basics plus spline, regular polygon, arrow tools and font choices. You can work fully to scale with dimensions. The drawing area is not limited and the objects are not limited in number either. iPocketDraw 1.90 lets you import images into your CAD files as well as PDF files.

iPocketDraw is 9.99.USD. and is available from the App Store. There is a Lite version which is free. To learn more visit the official website.

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