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Discover the new formZ 7

formZ 7 webinars coming up. Check out what is new in the legendary modeler…


AutoDesSys has the new formZ 7 out in the wild for public consumption. A public beta version is available and free and can be downloaded here.

formZ 7 has a new modern user interface with a lot of new functionality and enhancements to existing formZ functionality. Many steps have been automated with the new UI. There is less picking and more doing, the company says.

01 - formZ 7 has bold new features and a modern interface

Discovering formZ 7 – Seminars

January 18, (which is today) there will be a new webinar titled: What’s new in formZ 7, Part 1: Parametric modeling in a modern fluid interface. This free event takes place at 1pm-2pm EST and you can register for it here.

Part 2: Visualization, rendering and fabrication and presentation, takes place on January 25, 2012, and is at 1pm – 2pm. EST. You ca register for it here.

There are also Webinars On Demand covering bonzai 3D and formZ. A full list is here.

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