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Graphisoft talks about illegality of Mac in Communist Hungary

Illuminating words about Graphisoft’s dedication to Steve Jobs


A blog post at Graphisoft’s website discusses the deeper reasons why the company paid tribute to Steve Jobs this week by unveiling a statue of the visionary in Budapest at Graphisoft Park.

Under communist law, it was actually illegal to own a personal computer, according to Gabor Bojar, the company’s founder, who remarked: “A real entrepreneur is never afraid to take a risk.” Gabor risked a prison sentence by taking a strictly embargoed product (the Mac) onboard a plane from the West to Budapest, so that six months later they could unveil ArchiCAD for the Mac.

Gabor’s remarks during the unveiling are partly included in the blog post here. They are a wonderful testament (to Jobs and Graphisoft itself) and an illuminating story for people of the West in particular to read.

Read the blog post here.

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