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Autodesk acquires T-Splines technology assets


Autodesk has announced that they have acquired certain technology-related assets from T-Splines Inc., a privately-held surface modeling software company, based in Utah.

Architosh received word this morning from T-Splines leader Matthew Sederberg. No terms were disclosed in the deal. Sederberg reports in his email that he will be taking up the position of Product Manager at Autodesk in charge of T-Splines technology.

To read the brief press release visit here.

Architosh Analysis: We were a little surprised by this move on the part of T-Splines. This is a tiny software company compared to Autodesk, located a considerable distance up in Utah. T-Splines makes a plugin product for McNeel’s Rhino modeling software platform. Now that Autodesk has purchased this technology we are left wondering if the CAD giant will continue to develop and market this key plugin for a rival’s modeling software. Sederber writes, “Autodesk is currently investigating an approach to continued selling the T-Splines plugins.”

T-Splines actually makes two plugins, one for Rhino and one for SolidWorks. Our guess is that if anything provoked Autodesk to purchase this technology it was tsElements for Solidworks, a major rival to Autodesk in the product development markets.

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