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Xfrog 5 new and updated for Maxon CINEMA 4D

Xfrog 5 now out for CINEMA 4D – tool helps create complex nature-based effects


The Xfrog folks have updated their Xfrog software to version 5 for CINEMA 4D. The new upgrade adds speed, stability, and full compatibility with the latest version of Maxon’s flagship software, CINEMA 4D R13.

Xfrog 5 is a procedural organic 3D modeler that allows you to create and animate 3D trees, flowers, nature based special effects or architectural forms. Xfrog 5 includes several bug fixes, performance optimizations, including an over 20 percent speed up over Xfrog 4.4, as well as full compatibility with CINEMA 4D R13.

Xfrog is one of the most popular plugins for Maxon’s C4D software because it enables even the casual user the powerful ability to create and animate organic models. Common uses include tree growth, blossoming flowers, complex nature-based effects and many other uses. Customers who have purchased Xfrog 4.4 in the past six months are eligible to upgrade for no additional cost.

01 - Xfrog 5 is now out ofr CINEMA 4D. The procedural organic modeler adds power to Maxon's flagship tool.

Xfrog Inc., is a world leader in organic plant modeling and ecosystem software research and development. To learn more visit:

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