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Tidbits: Strata in the Mac Store, Creo-PTC notes, and C3+Siri

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on Strata in the App Store, Creo/PTC notes and an interesting reference to Apple’s acquisition of C3, a military-grade 3D mapping technology company in Sweden


Strata places Design 3D CXi in the Mac App Store

Earlier this month Strata announced that its award-winning Strata 3D software was placed in the Apple Mac App Store, marking the first time the company has made their 3D software available through this channel. “We’re very proud to be at the forefront of the companies offering this level of software through the Mac App Store,” said Ken Bringhurst, Strata President. “Strata started as a Mac developer in 1984 when the Mac first launched. We’ve been committed to easy-to-use professional level 3D software for the Mac ever since.

The company created a special version of their top-of-the-line 3D software specifically for the Mac App Store. Strata Design 3D CXi is 499.99.USD in the App Store. Visit the Mac App Store to learn more and get it.

01 - Strata 3D CXi is available specifically for and in the Mac App store.

CAD Market Growth in 2011?

James E. Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, stated to analysts at a recent earnings call that their company has seen growth in the CAD market in 2010 and especially in 2011. Speaking about Creo and PTC’s growth opportunities, Heppelmann noted that the company has gained share in the automotive sector with wins at Volvo Truck and Hyundai. Hyundai recently switched from Dassault to PTC passing over Siemens.

Noting CAD growth in 2011 is interesting as the overall economy may not reflect this.

Apple Acquires 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies

We have written about C3 before, a Saab aerospace spin-off 3D mapping technology company. In August Apple acquired the Swedish mapping company and many are thinking this new 3D mapping technology will be coming to the iPad, iOS and even the Mac.

C3 technology uses missile guidance system level technology developed by the Swedish military that is now declassified. A combination of this astoundingly precise 3D mapping tech with Apple’s new Siri could seriously change the mapping market landscape. To read a report go here.

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