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AutoDesSys looking for software engineers

Famed formZ software developer looking for software programmers


We are not sure how long these new job opportunities have been posted at famed formZ developer, AutoDesSys, Inc., but we thought we should give them a mention for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are good job opportunities for software developers looking to join a respected  and innovative software house. Secondly, they point to possible future directions for the formZ and bonzai 3D developer.

AutoDesSys has three job posts listed and given that they are still posted we assume that these positions are still available. The company may be in the process to hire as it expands its product offerings with the rollout of the updated formZ 7.0–a major modernization to a highly regarded and heavily used 3D software tool.

One position is focused on just 3D Rendering. This person will be responsible for helping to set future directions for 3D rendering across its product offerings. There is mention of experience with rendering API’s like OpenGL and Direct 3D, which are OS-oriented. There is also mention of API’s like Mental Ray, LightWorks, Vray and others. It may be interesting to see if AutoDesSys expands formZ to support other renderers. In the past the company has had a long-term relationship of sorts with Electric Image, but that company and its famous and quick rendering and animation solution has fallen behind in both public attention and studio use.

These days integration with newer renderers is a vital consideration for any powerful product design, architectural modeler or general modeling application like formZ or bonzai 3D. Such tools should integrate with the newer generation of rendering tools, with new generation GPU tools and possible with the four main professional 3D suites.

Mobile – Android and iOS

AutoDesSys may be looking to not just modernize formZ’s user interface–which it did with version 7–but update other tools. A new opportunity exist for an application OS interface engineer. The advert mentions Android and Apple iOS operating systems experience in addition to Windows. This person will be responsible for the integration between our application suite and the operating systesms on which they run.

There is a third position open for a modeling expert or programmer. This person will joint the formZ development team.

All of these positions seem like good opportunities. It will be interesting to follow this company has it wraps up and rolls out formZ 7 and how it moves forward from here now that both its longtime flagship program and its newer bonzai both have been modernized.

To learn more about these positions click here.

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