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Maide Control – new app turns your iPad into 3D controller

Young Canadian team at Maide has developed an innovative approach to using the iPad for controlling your professional 3D modeling applications


Just when you think the iPad has taught you something special someone else comes out with yet another nifty application that delights and surprises you. Maide Inc., has done just that. Maide has turned your iPad into a input device that can control your professional 3D application software. The company had targeted 3D design and modeling as their initial market, aiming to compete and replace dedicated 3D mice from companies like 3DConnexion.

Using the company’s free Maide Connect desktop software, you can connect your iPad to Google SketchUp or Rhino. The connection is authenticated and secure to protect your computer and its contents. Connections can be via WiFi or an ad hoc network.

01 - Maide has developed software that turns your iPad into a 3D input device for your professional modeling apps. These at the moment include Rhino and SketchUp.

Maide Control Details

  • Control — Use the multi-touch screen to pan, orbit, and zoom around your 3D SketchUp or Rhino model, as well as snap to orthogonal views. You can even control your mouse and keyboard from the iPad opening up further application commands and options
  • Present — Using your iPad you can present your model with style
  • Share — Take screen shots of your model as you are zooming around during a presentation and then save them to your iPad for future reference and display or for emailing them to others
  • Collaborate — Connect multiple iPads to one model while discussing a design. Everyone can control the model when they need to. Anyone can save screenshots of the model while you present.
  • Model — Because you can activate commands through our directional menu, you can actually do limited modeling via the iPad

Mac Support

At the moment the Maide Control only works with Windows but a Mac version is in the works. To learn more and to request they hurry up that Mac support we suggest you go visit them online here:

01 - Maide Control - new software turns your iPad into 3D modeling app controller.

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