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GRAPHISOFT and UDG China Team Up

Noted as a strategic partnership, GRAPHISOFT teams up with United Design Group (UDG) in Shanghai, China.


Many companies have been working on BIM integration, and this is yet another story on two companies coming closer. Graphisoft has teamed up with UDG, United Design Group Co. Ltd., based in Shanghai. UDG is a comprehensive design company founded by the UDG of USA and architects in China. UDG is ranked among the top three private design firms in East China.

With the recent construction boom in China, BIM has been in great demand within the Chinese market. Graphisoft has been aggressive in China and has made several high-profile announcements in recent months.

Together, the companies will focus on collaborative efforts to promote integration, research and application of Graphisoft BIM solution on UDG’s projects. This process itself will deepen the application of BIM in China and will lead to the further development of the architectural design and construction industries.

This is something that Graphisoft and the UDG are very excited about. For more on UDG

To learn more about GRAPHISOFT and BIM technologies.

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