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Tidbits: Renditioner Pro, bonzai 3D, modo news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on IMSI’s Renditioner Pro, plus webinars and tutorials on modo and bonsai and RenderZone


IMSI/Design’s Renditioner Pro News

IMSI has their new Renditioner Pro rendering application for those who model in Google SketchUp. Now available for both Mac and PC, the powerful but easy to use software offers fast approaches to photographic renderings. Key features include:

  • High performance cameras and lights
  • Extensive Libraries of content
  • Snapshots – offers convenient way of saving a particular configuration at any given time
  • Flexible Image control and Rendering
  • Easy UI (User Interface)

Renditioner Pro retails for 149.USD and you can learn more here.

RenderZone and Bonzai 3D Seminar

Matthew Holewinski from AutoDesSys will host a webinar on using AutoDesSys RenderZone software with Bonzai 3D or formZ. The webinar takes place on September 7, 1pm – 2pm EDT.

RenderZone adds a full arsenal of tools to assist with anything from simple scene development to your most demanding rendering needs. Learn how to use Sketch rendering, raytracing and other rendering methods. Add materials and colors and light your scenes with Global Illumination.

To register click here.

Summer of modo Issue 3

Summer of modo Issue 3 is now out. There are free tutorials from Matt Cox focused on rigging in modo. There are also some catch up links to issues 1 and 2. You can download the Summer of modo Issue 3 here.

In the next issue Matt Cox will show how to create a custom UI, plus free furniture models and more.

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