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ParaCloud extends GEM with New Component System

ParaCloud, a boutique software shop, has released ParaCloud GEM (5) for the market, offering sophisticated generative modeling system on Mac and Windows


ParaCloud has released ParaCloud GEM (5) Elements Edition, its powerful systematic, parametric modeling system. The new release includes a whole new “components population system” allowing for the better control, scaling, positioning and orientation of individual model components.

ParaCloud GEM (5)

The new ParaCloud GEM version 5 now enables you to utilize a new component system to create batch populations of elements using predefined pattern maps and applying differing population methodologies. ParaCloud GEM integrates with most 3D CAD software systems and runs on both Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Key Aspects of GEM 5:

  • Simple To Use – GEM 5 is a powerful but simple parametric system modeler geared towards “designers” not computational experts
  • Generative Modeling W/O Scripting – Complexity was never so simple. You do not need scripting or spaghetti wiring
  • More Control – Advanced modeling editing means users can edit the mesh down to individual faces or create sets with smart mapping tools. ParaCloud GEM (5) provides smart tools for managing offsets, buildups, parametric transformations and component proliferations
  • Performative Intentions – ParaCloud GEM provides tools for exploring expected performative aspects of your design. Specify points of interest and relationships to explore variations of the design mesh and components. Explore alternatives in less time
  • Quick Results – ParaCloud GEM (5) provides rapid results with its ease-of-use and modeling processes
  • 3D Print Out – You can generate 3D printable output and includes unfolded layout tools for placing the components of your model in the fabrication plane. ParaCloud GEM (5) makes it easy to document the components for shop drawings and includes support for multi-layered materials for designing digital materials.

You can learn more about this latest release by visiting ParaCloud online. There are also free video tutorials to help new users get started. Upgrades are available from earlier versions.

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