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Mexico’s Liverpool chooses ArchiCAD for BIM growth

Graphisoft wins as BIM standard for Mexico’s largest department store chain, Liverpool


Liverpool is Mexico’s largest department store chain, a not well-known fact outside of that country. Last week Graphisoft announced that this major retail business has chosen ArchiCAD as the retail giant’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solution for streamlining future growth.

Liverpool embraced BIM as a means to plan, administer and control processes used in the construction, expansion, and modification of its stores. After considering ArchiCAD and another BIM solution, Liverpool chose ArchiCAD as the BIM solution best-suited to meet its growing needs. Liverpool’s Store Planning Team, represented by Martin A. Perez, Fernando Parrillat and Carlos Jimenez, pointed out several areas where ArchiCAD surpasses its best rival.

“ArchiCAD allows the management of large files without the need for major hardware and infrastructure,” the team said. “Furthermore, ArchiCAD’s Teamwork function makes collaboration on even overseas projects easier to manage.” The team also chose ArchiCAD due to the strength of the technical support back in Hungary and its Spanish offices in Europe, in addition to its Mexico representative. “No other company dedicated to BIM even comes close to Graphisoft in Mexico,” they said.

To learn more about ArchiCAD and Graphisoft’s BIM solutions visit them online here.

What We Think

It is becoming increasingly common for large retail businesses to implement their own BIM standards. This is just a natural evolution of those same companies’ CAD standards. Many architects may wonder how such large corporate clients and their technology standards work in conjunction with independent architects serving these same clients. Often in the past CAD standards by such clients could impede on architect selection and working methods and the sharing of data. But BIM promises by its very nature a more flexible approach to these same challenges. ArchiCAD’s strong IFC and Open BIM standards orientation makes it a very flexible solution. It was noteworthy to hear the Liverpool team mention overseas support, something Graphisoft is very strong in with its best-in-class BIM Server.

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