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GRAPHISOFT Signs MOU with China Academy of Building Research Architecture Design Institute

GRAPHISOFT SE and the China Academy of Building Research Architecture Design Institute (CABR-ADI) recently signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing.


Now GRAPHISOFT has already displayed many links to China’s Architectural growth. Having completed a number of landmark buildings together with some of the world’s most famous design firms, the CABR building, will be no less in innovative design.

GRAPHISOFT VP of Product Development Miklos Szovenyi-Lux and President of CABR-ADI Ma Lidong signed the Memorandum setting out the terms of the strategic partnership. The parties have agreed to cooperate to promote the application of GRAPHISOFT’s, ArchiCAD, and lead the development of China’s architectural design and construction industry. The building will be the largest comprehensive research and development institute in China’s building industry. The CABR is also responsible for developing building standards and requirements for China. During the course of the next three years, GRAPHISOFT will help CABR-ADI in transferring their design workflow and platform from 2D to BIM-based GRAPHISOFT products and the relevant BIM technology

Mr. Ma Lidong, President of CABR-ADI said, “We must maintain our leadership and competitive edge through the application of BIM technology. That’s our task in the 12th National 5 year plan. ArchiCAD can definitely help us cover all disciplines and the entire process from design to construction, collaborate flexibly and remotely — even globally – and achieve outstanding performance for complex projects.”

According to GRAPHISOFT VP of Product Development Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, “GRAPHISOFT will directly support CABR-ADI to apply for ArchiCAD and related products, and undertake specific custom and localization according to CABR’s requirements. Our goal is to help CABR improve productivity and collaboration, and help the China building industry benefit from BIM technology!”

To learn more about GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD and BIM technologies visit them online.

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