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FireMonkey offers nex-gen 3D apps for iOS, Mac and Windows

Embarcadero unveils next-generation business application platform


Embarcadero Technology has launched FireMonkey™, the first CPU and GPU powered business application platform that enables developers to create visually-engaging, native applications for Windows, Mac and mobile (Apple iOS). FireMonkey is a RAD (rapid application development) environment which supports the build of rich HD (high-definition) and 3D applications with fast native performance, animation, image effects, interactive data visualization and enterprise-class database connectivity. It also supports the build to Amazon and Azure cloud services.

FireMonkey is the first business platform that makes it easy to build next-generation, rich user experience applications with full support of existing and emerging business platforms. While Windows remains the standard business platform today, both Mac OS X and iOS are growing rapidly. This growth combined with emerging (BYOD) bring your own device policies are creating high demand and developer opportunities for business applications scaling across multiple platforms.

Using FireMonkey, developers can easily write apps compiling natively for Windows, Mac and iOS, saving significant time and resources.

01 - FireMonkey is a new development tool targeting rich media, 3D app development to Mac, iOS and Windows (image courtesy of Embarcadero corp. website)

“FireMonkey is simply revolutionary–combining the ease-of-use of visual component based development, scalable vector graphics, 3D, hardware image effects, database access, and unprecedented native speed and cross-platform support in a single package,” said Boian Mitov, founder of Mitov Software.

To learn more about FireMonkey go here.

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