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DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro Now Out

DAZ 3D has introduced DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro. New character 3D software suites add tons of new features


Daz 3D has announced the availability of its new DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and DAZ Studio 4 Pro 3D figure platforms. The new 3D posing platforms for human 3D software models features a new patent pending TriAxTM weight map system and a new open file format that is lightweight, simple to edit and easy to transfer.

The Advanced and Pro versions build on the base Studio 4 version released earlier in the year. With Advanced the user gains new features such as the Auto-Fit technology. With Auto-Fit you never run out of clothing for your custom characters as clothing auto-sizes to fit any Genesis figure in a matter of seconds. Studio 4 Advanced also gains Progressive Rendering for quick, high-quality draft image views and test rendering for lighting for example. There is also the Multi-Layered Image Editor that enables you to add decals and tattoos to your models.

01 - DAZ 3D has introduced new DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro versions of its 3D figure software suites.

64-bit support is now standard with Advanced on both Mac and Windows platforms, including 64-bit for dynamic clothing support.

Studio 4 Pro features the FBX Exporter, 3D Bridge to Photoshop and the GoZ Bridge to send your models over to Zbrush for further editing and creation work. The Content Creator Tools are for advanced professional users and will save the pro user man-years of development tim. The toolset includes:

  • Weight-Map Brush (new)
  • Transfer Utility (new)
  • Polygon Group Editor (new)
  • Figure Setup (Skelton Setup) updated
  • Joint Editor (updated)
  • Property Editor (updated)
  • ExP Exporter (updated)
  • Morph Loader Pro (updated)
  • Poser Format Exporter (updated)

There are more features included in the Pro version but these are the highlights. To learn more about DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro visit them online. Advanced retails for 229.USD and Pro is 449.USD.

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