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SIG: Luxion unveils KeyShot 3 at Siggraph

Luxion introduces KeyShot 3


Luxion, the leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, today unveiled KeyShot 3, the next-generation of Luxion’s easy-to-use and groundbreaking rendering solution.

KeyShot 3 features an all new animation system that brings simplicity to complex animation sequences in the same manner it does to complex, high-quality photorealistic image renders.

01 - Luxion's KeyShot 3 introduces patent-pending new animation technology.

“Computer animation is often a tedious task that requires expert knowledge to setup even simple animations,” says Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, chief scientist of Luxion. “We decided to develop an animation system that is just as simple to use as KeyShot has been for rendering. In order to achieve this, we built the animation system directly into KeyShot 3 without relying on keyframes.”

KeyShot 3

KeyShot 3 is oriented more towards designers and engineers than visualization pros. Even marketing people are targets for this powerful but easy-to-use system. Key features of the new animation system in KeyShot 3 include:

  • Everything happens inside KeyShot’s realtime raytraced environment: setup, edit and playback
  • Full interactivity during setup, edit and playback of the animation
  • Patent-pending non-key frame animation system based on off-set transforms
  • Offset transform system enables individual animation components to a single or multiple parts, move them in the timeline, and copy, paste or move them within the model hiearchy
  • To develop more complex animations the user adds multiple transforms to each object

Siggraph 2011 marks the first showing of KeyShot 3. Luxion is in booth #780. KeyShot 3’s animation system can be added to KeyShot and KeyShot Pro for 500.USD.

Currently in beta, KeyShot 3 is targeted at a fall release. KeyShot is available for both Mac and Windows. To learn more visit them online here.

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