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Maxon introduces CINEMA 4D Release 13

Maxon unleashes version 13 of its award-winning CINEMA 4D 3D studio suite of tools for 3D professionals


Maxon has announced CINEMA 4D Release 13, the next generation of its industry-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering application. Coming off its 25th anniversary and its most successful year to date in 2010, CINEMA 4D R13 includes all new character tools, integrated stereoscopic capabilities, streamlined multi-artists collaboration features and physical rendering.

“CINEMA 4D R13 is supercharged with numerous productivity enhancements that cater to the multi-collaboration challenges our customers face every day,” said Harald Egel, founder and CEO of Maxon. “Artists interested in expanding their capabilities will love the new character tools. And, of course, the physical renderer with stereoscopic functionality is incredibly important as the new way to deliver immersive entertainment.”

01 - Maxon CINEMA 4D Release 13. Features new stereoscopic rendering capabilities and a new physical rendering engine.

Major Highlights in CINEMA 4D R13

New and Enhanced Rendering Engine:

  • Physically-accurate Rendering: – A new physical render engine is based on real camera properties (eg: blur, depth of field (DoF), lens distortion, focal length, aperture and shutter speed of camera)
  • Efficient Subsurface Scattering: – Now users can efficiently create translucent materials such as milk, skin and wax with the subsurface scattering shader included with both the new Physical Render and CINEMA 4D’s standard render engines
  • Shared Image Sampler: – Combine sampling effects and save tons of time on items like motion blur, area shadows, ambient occlusion, etc.
  • New Anti-Aliasing Filters: – New Mitchell and Gauss algorithms

Stereoscopic 3D Workflow:

  • Stereoscopic Camera Conversion: – Gives users control to easily convert any camera to a Parallel, On Axis, Off-Axis or Radial Stereoscopic Camera
  • Stereo Image Workflow and Preview: – Stereo images can be previewed directly in the 3D editor
  • Stereo Render Options: – Allows customers to easily render the merged stereoscopic image or separate images for each individual camera to create a true 3D experience
  • Picture Viewer Support: – review animated stereo renders

New Suite of Character Animation Features:

  • New Character Object: – This includes an auto-rigger and template support
  • New CMotion System: – Apply parametric walk cycles based on cyclic motion; characters can be made to walk over terrain or on a spline
  • New Muscle System: – Create custom shaped muscles and anchor them to multiple joints within a rig
  • New Collision Deformer

02 - Maxon CINEMA 4D Release 13. New physical rendering engine provides stunning visual results.

Workflow, Modeling and Animation Improvements:

  • Revamped Navigation System: – C4D R13 has a new cursor-based navigation system that greatly improves an already excellent ease-of-use system
  • Sticky Keys: – Allows users to activate a tool only while its shortcut is pressed and immediately return to the previous tool
  • New Spline Data User Interface:
  • Location Indicator:
  • Surface Manipulation: – Offers flexible options with infinite Axis mode
  • Animation Enhancements: – Better curve handling, markers, including clamping, etc.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Superior XRef Object: – Improves artist efficiency with fully embedded XRef (external reference) commands in R13 so referenced objects can be textured, animated, and included in expressions or simulations within the master file, greatly enhancing work in a collaborative environment
  • Improved Scripting Language Support:
  • File Format Support: – Multi-pass files can now be stored in multiple channels within a single OpenEXR file. FBX and COLLADA have been updated to latest versions
  • After Effects Exchange: – Gives customers using R13 unparalleled integration with Adobe After Effects with the introduction of stage object support, timeline marker exports and support for 29.97fps

Other Comments

CINEMA 4D Release 13 also includes many new shaders and other assets. System requirements for the Mac are now OS X 10.5.8 or later running on Intel-based Macs and 1024 MB of RAM. Up to 256 threads now supported. Standard DVD installation can take up to 2.5 GB of disk space.

CINEMA 4D R13 and BodyPaint 3D R13 are schedule to ship in September through Maxon and its authorized dealers worldwide. Customers with an active Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) valid through September 2nd will automatically receive the upgrade.

There are four flavors of CINEMA 4D Release 13 designed for graphics professionals, visualization professionals, broadcast and 3D artists in large studios. To learn more visit Maxon online here.

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