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IMSI announces TurboViewer Pro for iPad and iPhone

TurboViewer Pro arrives from IMSI/Design — professional version adds many powerful features and has no advertising


TurboCAD maker, IMSI/Design, has announced this week TurboViewer Pro for iOS devices iPad and iPhone. This is a “professional” version of its popular and recently introduced free TurboViewer app.

“The response to our free TurboViewer app has been terrific,” stated Royal Farros, Chairman and CEO of IMSI/Design. “TurboViewer Pro adds a host of powerful new viewing features, making TurboViewer Pro the fastest and most capable 2D and 3D [CAD] viewer on the iOS platform.”

01 - IMSI's Turbo Viewer Pro for iOS devices puts true powerful 2D/3D CAD file viewing into your hands.

TurboViewer Pro includes a number of excellent features not found in the free version. A summary list of its key features are included below:

  • Visual styles that support:
    • Hidden Line
    • X-ray
    • Shaded with edges
    • Grayscale mode
    • Adjusted edge color range from white-gray-black
    • Adjusted X-ray transparency factor
    • Option to use default or model lights
    • Option to render both inside and outside model (forced two-side rendering)
  • Layer Manager (turn on/off layers, invert layers, turn all layers on/off)
  • Additional Settings (turn on/off 2D/3D auto sense navigation and more…)
  • Support for 14 languages
  • No onscreen advertising

“We built Turbo Viewer from the ground up for mobile devices… but what we’ve found is it may be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform,” added Farros.

Turbo Viewer Pro has an introductory price of 9.99.USD and is available now on the App Store. For more information visit them online at:

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