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Parallels releases Desktop 6 for Mac Enterprise Edition

Parallels Brings Best Windows on Mac Experience to Businesses


Today Parallels has announced the availability of Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Enterprise Edition, the number one selling and award-winning software for running Windows and Mac applications side-by-side on an Apple Mac computer without rebooting.

The new Parallels Desktop 6 Enterprise Edition enables IT departments to deploy Windows-based solutions for Mac users with a configurable, policy compliant solution that easily fits into existing business processes.

Mac Use Up In Enterprises

“As Macs become increasingly more prevalent in the workplace, there is a growing need for Mac users to run essential Windows applications that are critical to their businesses,” said Laura DiDio, Principal of research firm Information Technology Intelligence Consulting.

Adding Macs into enterprises businesses has traditionally been a challenge or pain point for IT departments. But users are asking for Macs and more businesses today are using them in their environments. “Savvy businesses are addressing this issue by deploying desktop virtualization solutions that allow them to easily manage their Windows and Mac environents,” said DiDio.

Key Features

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Enterprise Edition helps businesses install pre-configured, policy compliant deployments of Parallels. This helps IT proactively enforce a configurable software update policy and well as local server options. That means IT departments can determine when and where software updates are applied to Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac across the organization.

Other features that differentiate this product from the regular edition of Parallels Desktop 6 Mac include:

  • Unified volume license activation key — simplifies mass end user license agreements
  • Streamlined Business GUI — adds customizable Request Support menu option to direct users to internal help desk resources
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Mass Deployment Application — enables a centralized configuration and distribution of software install packages, including enabling “lights out” deployments
  • Annual subscription license — includes software licensing and business class support and more…

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