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OrthoGraph 3.0 has now been released

OrthoGraph 3.0 takes on-site surveying to the next level by allowing users to create floor plans right on to their mobile devices, which can instantly produce 3D BIM models on their PCs in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, and Google SketchUP, saving time by eliminating the post processing or “magic wanding.”


Using mobile devices, OrthoGraph 3.0 allows users to determine wall thickness on-site. The technology is facilitated by electronic floor-plan sketching with the creation of measured drawings and automatic measurements taken, via Bluetooth connection from a distance meter.

The OrthoGraph Survey supports floor-plan survey, elevation survey as well as cross-section survey. These then can be transferred into 3D BIM models that can be opened in a 3D CAD software such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Google SketchUp.

OrthoGraph is excited to have a cutting edge surveying solution, that makes the measure – survey – 3D model work flow even faster.

Users can try OrthoGraph’s free fully functional trial version of OrthoGraph 3.0 here.

On top of that, OrthoGraph has teamed up with Leica Geosystems, an industry leader in durable, accurate, and reliable distance meters, to create some great software/hardware solutions.

The Leica D8 includes:
Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom
Large color display screen (2.4 inches)
360° Inclination measurement
Bluetooth – reliable data transfer

A discount is available on OrthoGraph 3.0 + Leica distance meter when you order through e-shop.

OrthoGraph can be tried out even on Windows 7/XP/Vista by downloading a PDA Emulator preinstalled version from our website. This way OrthoGraph can be tried out even without having a PDA/Windows Mobile Phone!

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