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Apple prepping 3D user interface for OS X

Apple prepping 3d user interface via new patent filings


IB Times and AppleInsider report that Apple is developing a new 3D user-interface for OS X based on significant new patent filings pushed through this week. The new multi-dimensional interface would make better use of screen real estate.

Back in 2010 Apple filed a patent labeled “Multi-Dimensional Desktop” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The filed patent shows a UI that is capable of allowing the user to put or file things behind other shortcuts or documents. Most importantly, the user would be able to “sprawl” across the new 3D interface’s surfaces. Another interesting aspect is that the new 3D UI would support the ability to handle more complex shapes than the simple  four-sided square or rectangles found in today’s operating systems. One design in the patent filing shows a tetrahedron-shaped environment with curved intersections between each face–indicating that the future OS would allow the user to customize the shapes and landscape of their computer’s interface.

To read more go to AppleInsider’s post here.

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  1. there is a 2007 TED presentation by Anand Agarawala on 3D interface , I think it was called Bumptop
    here is some images

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