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Tidbit: Ashlar helps create ‘great design’ USB pocket drive

Award winning industrial designer, Nelson Au used Cobalt™ to design this circular USB creation.


The USB market is already very crowded, but could innovative design and higher storage capacity lead Seagate back to a Blue Ocean?

Having recently won the 2006 Good Design Award for Electronics, Ashlar-Vellum is proud to have designers like Nelson Au as a cutting edge customer. Nelson was up to Seagate Technologies’ challenge.

And it shows in the images below of this innovative solution to portable storage.

01 - USB Pocket Drive was created using Ashlar's 3D design software.

“My coworkers use Rhino, Alias, SolidWorks, or Pro/E and then whine a lot about their software. I use Ashlar-Vellum software without all of the aggravation, and can still exchange information with all these applications using Cobalt’s built-in translators.”
says Au.

Au admits to struggling with the initial design. But by using Colbalt to create an outer enclosure for the retractable cord, and an inner portion to house the memory and electronic components, he at last came to a solution.

“Using Cobalt’s transparency features, he was able to show that the design and inner workings of the drive would fit and work together perfectly.” Says Au,

02 - Cobalt's transparency helps this design communicate its inner workings.

03 - Here is a finished view of the Seagate device.

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