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SightSpace 3D developed for SketchUp on iPad

Augmented Reality reaches the Apple iPad 2 for new SightSpace 3D application. Will be a superb app for architects and urban planners


Limitless Computing, which is a company offering “cloud rendering” services for Autodesk Revit users, has announced and demonstrated a new iOS application for the iPad 2 specifically.

Called SightSpace, this new “augmented reality” app for the iPad 2 allows you to view your SketchUp models on your iPad directly over camera views in real time. This means you can be on the land of a proposed building site and using the camera, position the iPad such that you can picture the way your building will work directly on the land using a SketchUp 3D model. As the iPad moves so too does the display of your SketchUp model superimposed on the real world.

Not much else is known about this application but the company was at the AIA National Convention and was presenting it. There is a YouTube video on their website that gives you a peek at the possibilities. This looks like an excellent application for the iPad for architectural professionals.

To learn more visit them here:

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