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Pixologic intros Sculptris modeling program for Mac and Windows

Pixologic has new Sculptris “clay modeling” oriented software for digital artists


The developer of the award-winning ZBrush software has released Sculptris 3D, a new modeling solution for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Designed to reflect the Pixologic ethos of helping artists both shine and enjoy creating art without getting bogged down in technical details of software, Sculptris 3D offers something different in its class.

3D Digital Sculpting

Sculptris 3D was designed to address the the digital artist’s need to sculpt in a similar manner to clay. Tom Pettersson, the programmer and brainchild behind Sculptris commented: “I trust that with this version, Sculptris 3D will be more accessible for all people on both PC and Mac’s. Everyone should be able to sculpt.”

01 - Pixologic's new Sculptris 3D offers users perfect ground floor to working up to ZBrush.

Sculptris 3D offers dynamic tessellation, adding triangles to the underlying geometry as needed so that users can simply sculpt on the surface of a model. User can do anything they would be able to do with physical clay–such as twisting, pinching the surface.

Working up to ZBrush

Sculptris 3D is the perfect ground level, says the company, for those working up to ZBrush. With the new GoZ integration in Sculptris, artists can now move their creations between Sculptris and ZBrush with a click of the button.

Sculptris 3D is available now from the Pixologic website. To learn more visit them here:

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