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Luxology’s Modo, Brings Tripod Driving Force

New Modeling and Rendering Capabilities Helped Engineering Firm Design+Modo’s birth the innovative Three-Wheeled Speed “Trike.”


Australian industrial design firm, Design+Industry, has recently come out with a three-wheeled, high-performance vehicle, (car/motorcycle) designed with an expert use of Luxology’s3D modeling and rendering software, modo 501.

The Australian company, Design+Industry was asked by Strike Motors to turn a concept of a three-wheeled “trike” into a commercially manufacturable vehicle. What was born was ‘the Trike’, half-car, half-motorcycle, this two seater combines cornering capability and high stopping power. With stability and speed, this car is estimated to catch car enthusiasts and collectors, for its sleek futuristic design.

“We began using modo when clients started requesting features we were not able to provide with the visualisation software we were using at the time,” said Ben Carroll, industrial designer at Design+Industry.

He continued to say, “We have had clients ask to see the physical prototype after our presentation based solely on a picture done in modo and that ‘wow’ factor has always served us well.”

For more info on the Trike.

To learn more about Luxology’s modo go here:

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