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iRhino 3D v1.2 now available for iPad and more

Robert McNeel shares that iRhino 3D is now at version 1.2, includes Dropbox support and other minor updates


McNeel & Associates have announced that iRhino 3D, version 1.2 is now available for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device. iRhino 3D is an advanced 3D visualization viewing application for Apple’s iOS platform and enables users to take their Rhino 3D models with them for display and viewing.

iRhino 3D 1.2

The value of showing your designs in 3D on your iPad in particular cannot be under-estimated and McNeel & Associates continues to advance their iOS product. With iRhino 3D you can pan, zoom, rotate all with the multi-touch interface. There is a useful handy navigator which lets you scroll through thumbnails so you can quickly jump to any model you want.

01 - iRhino 3D is an advanced 3D visualization tool for Apple iOS devices like the iPad. With it you can view any Rhino 3DM file on your iOS device, bringing true mobility of visualized work to the field.

iRhino 3D lets you load files from web sites, Google Docs, Dropbox, email attachment or from iTunes. You can save views as images for markup and emailing.

New in version 1.2 includes support for Dropbox, blocks are now supported and there are minor bug fixes. Apple iOS 3.2 or above is now supported.

To learn more visit them here.

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